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Orange County Medical Billing was established in 1985 and has provided doctors with quality service. OCMB manages our accounts with only the highest-rated medical billing software. With proven methods, we assist your practice in gaining efficiency and control of your accounts therefore increasing office revenues.

Convenient, Expert, Local Medical Billing

Physicians today are constantly researching for solutions to decrease office expenses and increase revenues and collections. OCMB offers the best receivable programs, billing systems and a proven track record in this industry. 

At OCMB, our goal is to increase your revenues and enhance office efficiency.  We will provide your office with a process that is practical and economical. 

OCMB employees are the highest rated certified coders that will help your office increase revenue by capturing all billable codes. Coding is one of the area’s physicians do not realize they loss revenue yearly by a large amount of unbilled CPT codes.

OCMB is highly educated on Medicare MIPS guideline and will work directly with your office to make sure you never receive a negative adjustment from Medicare.  Physicians do not realize that most billing companies do not have the education to understand the requirements that are needed to meet   MIPS. 

With all my experience I have seen with countless EMR systems that have a revenue office and you feel that all your income is being collected to find out when an expert comes into your office to do an audit that a large percentage of your income have been put into an untimely account then written off without the physicians realizing this income is gone.  Knowing when your denials are just being written can jeopardize a physician’s ability to maintain an affordable practice.  

OCMB does not outsource any portion of your billing outside of the country we have a full staff of employees within our office, we employee certified coders, collection specialists and billing experts that are specialty specific.

Taking care of your business, one patient at a time.

Our friendly and knowledgeable account reps are trained to follow up every and all denied or down-coded claims to insure that you receive the full fair reimbursement that you are legally entitled to.

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For assistance, our caller HelpDesk provides physicians, hospital administrators, or patients with one on one staff assistance every time they call about a specific doctor or patient.

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